Split Staves

The Expository Bullshit
Because It Needs to Happen

You’re going to begin this campaign in two different countries, two different continents, even (WOAH!) The first is Sanchordia, a mountainous nation that was once well-known for its mighty wizards. You’re going to be in the Valley of the Obelisks, a place that holds more than one dark secret that will begin with a simple mission. The second is Maghdan, a rocky desert nation reminiscent of the Old West. You’re going to be heading to the town of Oakhurst, a community famous worldwide for its goblinoid commune holed up in a nearby place called the Sunless Citadel. These goblins sell exotic fruits and vegetables, including a ruby-red apple at midsummer that can cure any disease in the world. After this fruit is auctioned off, the buyer inevitably tries to plant it only to have the saplings disappear once they reach two feet high. A most incredible mystery indeed. How are these two adventures connected? We’ll see, friends. We’ll see.


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