Azlas Vrayne

Azlas Vrayne is a fantasy world that grew up. No longer the type of place where bands of adventurers battle evil dragons and bands of savage monsters ravage the countryside, Azlas Vrayne has its own flavor and own problems.

It’s a world of breathtaking beauty: The glimmering Skystone belt in the upper atmosphere, the immense Waterfall Cliffs in the Maghdan, the towering skyscrapers of Andersaang. There’s something for everyone in Azlas Vrayne, and this adventure should hopefully be no exception.

Azlas Vrayne contains seven continents and 108 nations. The continents are Rioga, the largest continent and home to creatures that mirror European and Latin American culture; Tlatlago, a mostly-forested continent to Rioga’s north that reflects Amerindians; Cham Tura, a vast jungle ringed by perilous mountains similar to South Asia and the Middle East; Nu Ren, a large continent of mostly plains with an East Asian feel; Hagvjord, a warm southern continent with ties to Africa; Ixtepec, a frozen ice mass where several sentient undead live; and the Larisfen, a wild, magical continent home to various groups of exotic monsters.
The adventures will take place in Cham Tura (in the nation of Maghdan) and Rioga (in the nation of Sanchordia).

One of the main features of Azlas Vrayne are twelve massive landmarks (though some of them aren’t really that) called Origins, which have been around since prehistory and are the conduits through which arcane magic comes into Azlas Vrayne. Though this aspect of them scares people, they also provide powerful sources of energy and are landmarks protected by the International Druidic Council, so nobody really messes with them.

Azlas Vrayne also has a dark secret called the Otherness. The Otherness is the source of all arcane magic and home to such extraplanar beings as devils, demons, angels and so on. It’s a rough place, and its denizens have great interest in the material world. An event in early recorded history called the Great Joining almost brought the entire Otherness into the Material Plane with disastrous results, including many deaths and even the shattering of several civilizations. Because of that, the Otherness is strictly off-limits nowadays, though some groups (and even one country) maintain that it should be explored and studied.

Here’s a brief history of the world (at least that which is applicable). There was a huge war five hundred years ago called the War of the Ancients. It marked the last major use of arcane magic in Azlas Vrayne, mostly because due to its might, one of the most powerful elven nations was reduced to a barren wasteland by a massive meteor. This, along with the Great Joining looming in people’s minds, caused the leading dignitaries to sign a treaty at the end of the war severely limiting the use of arcane magic. Since that time, technology has replaced magic, and satellites, cell phones, cars and airplanes have become the norm. Another event from the past century is also significant: The Monstrous Renaissance, in which monsters began to become assimilated into civilized culture and, conversely, and interest in monstrous art and culture flourished.

Azlas Vrayne

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