Magic and Technology

Magic in Azlas Vrayne has been significantly regulated since the Mirror Lake Accords. These regulations, after several years of debate, have finally been simplified into the Seven Laws of Magic, which are as follows:

1. You can’t kill or injure anyone.

2. You can’t change anybody’s shape or form without their permission.

3. You can’t worm your way into anyone else’s mind.

4. You can’t dominate or shut off another person’s mind.

5. No necromancy.

6. You can’t fuck with time.

7. You can’t have any contact with beings or forces from the Otherness.

These suck, of course, but they do tend to make magic a bit more controlled and have lasted a long time. They have also greatly contributed to the development of…

Technology! Technology is a big force in Azlas Vrayne, and since you’re in this world, you’ll probably have a few gadgets to work with. You can search for stuff online (via a gather information check), use vehicles (via Use Magic Device and Ride checks), and do other techy things (a la Use Magic Device). So if you’re playing a rogue or bard, you could be a hacker to boot. Cool!

Magic and Technology

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